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New Family part 15

I didn’t even have time to say hi, in an instant I was grabbed by Elizabeth and forced through the window and was forcibly changed in to a smoke cloud and sent back to our home, as we headed home I tried to communicate with Elizabeth but she ignored me.
Once home Elizabeth pulled me down to the basement, “are you hurt Louise?” asked Elizabeth I looked down and said “I-I’m ok” Elizabeth then tightened her grip around the scruff of my collar and said “well that’s a shame looks like I need to beat some sense in to you!!” she was quickly stopped by the witch who had followed us here and said “please don’t hurt her, it my fault, I was the one who saved her from the CCC.” Elizabeth went in to a blazing fury and tried to hack at the witch with a whip made from fire, I needed to act fast so I leaped in from the witch and took the attack leaving a large burn across my chest, I rolled on the floor in agony and tried to heal myself, but it would not heal at all, I then heard the angels voice in my head say “I am sorry, but I cannot heal this burn, her fire has some sort of effect that stop instant healing.” I stumbled to my feet just able to breathe from the pain and I said with all of my strength, please… don’t hurt her Elizabeth… she-she saved me from the CCC when they abducted me…” I fell to the floor and as I was blacking out I heard Elizabeth say, “is this true witch?!”

I was still out cold but could hear their conversation through my angel who stood by:  “and that’s my story, I was banished from my witches circle because I saved the creatures they were trapping for their potions and spells.” Exclaimed the witch
“I appreciate that you saved my daughter but I have doubts that what you said about you being banished is true!” said Elizabeth with a harsh tone
“Is there any way I can prove it to you?” asked the witch
Elizabeth grabbed her left hand and jabbed her forearm with a lot of force, the witch yanked back and looked down to reveal a mark on her arm that looked like a cross covered in thorns, “this is the mark of a vampire alliance, this means you have made a pact with the vampire race, if what you said is true then I expect to see you back here tomorrow morning alive, then I will believe you, if you are still with your circle then you will be dead by nightfall, you see in witches circles they do not take kindly to their kind making alliances especially to vampires, now get out of my sight until tomorrow, if you are alive I have a lot of work for you, Felix!” said Elizabeth in a angry and stern voice. With that, the witch known as Felix vanished from the house.

Shortly after I awoke to a cold feeling on my chest, as I opened my eyes I saw Zak Licking up and down my chest “AHHHHHH!!!!!” I screamed as I punched Zak in the face, I had put a lot of force in that punch because when I realized what was going on Zak was planted in the wall of my bedroom, like something out of a comedy anime, “w-what the fuck are you doing Zak?!” I screamed as I covered my chest, “I am healing your wounds Louise; werewolf saliva has extremely powerful antibodies that heal almost all kinds of external injuries.” I looked down in embarrassment and mumbled under my breath “how is everyone?” Zak composed himself and said “physically, everyone is fine; mentally we are all distraught, Elizabeth is the worst, she cannot forgive herself for what she had done to you.” I sat up and grabbed a nearby sports top and said “to be perfectly honest, I am a curse on this house, and unless I leave the house and start destroying the CCC once and for all, we won’t know true peace…”
New family part 15
well... guess who got a small spark of inspiration? this girl!!! sorry its been so long, sooooo much stuff has happened since we last made something but hey we are back :D
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  • Watching: the world pass me by
  • Playing: the game of life
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hey guys, lately Luke has went in to vlogging and gaming on YouTube, now we need your help!, we need to make Luke's channel look more attractive and would love you guys to come up with some ideas, if you throw one to us we would greatly appreciate it and will give you a mention on my channel, plus if you all want Louise could make a cameo on one of Luke's videos, anyway, here is the link to his channel, have a look through his videos and see what you think…


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Commission: Race Changed by Wrenzephyr2

love the sequance, love the outcome, and brilliant work on the detail and I hope to see more of these becuase this aswell as the comics...

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