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June 17, 2011
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Luke's TG ep 13:- Louise's boyfriend

It was early morning and as I got up I thought I was back in my old room for a few seconds, until I turned around and saw Trixie and Julie sitting up in bed looking at me with a grin on their face's. I looked back and asked what was with the evil grin's when all of a sudden Julie open my waldrobe, I was shocked to find they had got rid of my normal clothes and switched them with really girly clothes. "what have you 2 done?" I said shocked. "me and Trixie decided your waldrobe needed a change Louise", said Julie still holding a menacing grin. "seriously why did you change my entire waldrobe? I thought it was ok." I said trying to think what they had done. "We want you to get a boyfriend." Said Trixie checking the stuff making sure everything is there. "You want me to get a boyfriend, why?" I asked. "We just feel you need a special someone," said Julie closing the waldrobe, I opened th waldrobe and looked at the stuff and turned straight to Julie pulling out a maid costume. "... A maid costume?! I want a boyfirend not a job as a kinky maid!" I said trying to keep myself from choking Julie. "err Louise that was me" said Alisha sneaking in while I was looking through the waldrobe.

After looking through the waldrobe to find a nice outfit I picked out a light blue top and some jeans chased away Alisha and got myself ready. Upon checking the top again I noticed it was small, and when I say small it was more like a mini vest, I kept looking at the top thinking of what to wear over it and found a nice top to wear on top of it. After I got ready I looked for some shoes to find they were missing, I asked Trixie were my shoes were, she paused and went to the walk in closet and pulled a pair of pumps all I could say to her was "you are joking right?" she shook her head and made me put them on I gave in and tried them on, they fitted great and when I turned to look in the mirror I heard Julie walk alongside me and said "Kawaii you really suit that look Louise, lets go to town and get you a nice boyfriend."

So me, Julie, and Trixie went to the main town which was an hours drive away, when we got there Julie got me to sit and chat in the centre square with her on a freezeing cold saturday afternoon, basically she was giving me advice on to act more feminine when a boy of the age of 19 called Matt came up to say hi, He was in our college and came from new zealand, he seemed very shy but was a nice person he took me for a coffee and Julie said she was going to get some bits, but I knew she was watching me and seeing how I was getting on, I saw her popping up places pretending to be shopping. I was listening to Matt he was a charming young lad and was very sweet, While we were chatting happily by a cafe Chloe came up and decided to join in, I was suprised to see her, I hardly ever saw her and the last time we really interacted ended quite badly afterwards, while we were talking Roslie decided to join us, at this point I was getting quite crouded so I suggested we all go back to the college campus because I was freezing.

When we all got back to the college campus I decided to give the whole having a boyfriend thing a shot because I really needed to get use to a female life, I gave Matt a kiss on the cheek and gave him my mobile number and said to him to give me a call sometime. I saw him blush and giggled he was a nice boy was pretty and was very sweet, hope he calls. When we got back I saw Julie and the others all in my room giggling looking at me, Roslie got to her feet walked up and hugged me, "you are finally a real girl now Louise so it is time we taught you about make up and the "other" things. At this point I knew I was going to regret these next few hours.
Hi guys I decided to upload a little something different this time hope you all like it I really enjoyed making this piece and decided to put an old mate in the story plot hope he notice's XD

EDIT: hi guys i have just noticed this is much smaller than the other's my appologies but I have been busy and only had so long to write this up I promise I will make episode 14 at least 3000 words or more
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So they went from wanting Luke to be a guy to being a girl? Confusing 
LittleMissTG Mar 7, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Its a long story haha
AnthonyPaull Dec 1, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
... Why is there no credit to the original picture?
LittleMissTG Dec 5, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
couldnt remember where i found the picture sorry
AnthonyPaull Dec 5, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Well could you at least reference that it isn't yours in the description? its just common courtesy.
Believe it or not, I've been waiting for this exact moment. Louise getting a boyfriend I mean.
LittleMissTG Jun 20, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Haha u don't know how many ppl say that irl because I write these up and give them to friends and they come back saying she got a boyfriend?! Finally!! Lol
CPUIceHeart Jun 17, 2011  Hobbyist Filmographer
sweet, keep em' coming
LittleMissTG Jun 17, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks even just one comment makes me happy
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