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September 8, 2012
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Luke's TG: final!

As I got up the next day I picked up my phone to see if there where any messages, to my dissapointment there wasnt any.

I decided to make a quick bite to eat and place some flowers on my families grave before I go hang out with Julie and the others.

I made myself some Cereal and juice and ate them quickly and dashed washed and dressed myself and as I looked in to the mirror I was shocked to see that my hair had changed colour from dark brown to a really dark maroon colour, I decided not to dwell on it too much because I needed to go and thought that it was most likely the collar just getting use to my bodies chemistry.

As I left the room I bumped in to Julie, "oh hi there Louise good to see you back to being human again." Laughed Julie.

"oh hi there Julie, sorry I didnt see you". I replied

"so, where are you off to this early in the morning?" asked Julie

"I am just going back to my family grave to say a proper goodbye in a human form". I replied

"would like to come for a quick cup of tea first? Its just because I want to ask you a few questions about the collar and how you feel wearing it, if you dont mind that it." said Julie pulling out a clipboard from knowhere.

"umm... Ok why not". I said

We headed down to the local Cafe by the hotel and sat down with a cup of tea each, Julie then got her pen and started asking a lot of questions.

"So Louise how does the collar feel and do the changes make you feel unwell in any way?

I put down my cup of tea and replied "the collar feels fine, nine times out of ten I forget I am wearing it and no I dont feel any oddities in my body when wearing it."

Julie then jotted some notes and asked a few more questions.

After about 20 minutes of questioning she smiled and said "thank you for answering all them questions, I am going back to the hotel.

I waved her goodbye and went to the cemertary with a small bunch of blue roses.

I sat by the grave and said "hi guys sorry I didnt say my farewells properly but I am ready now, I am truely sorry for what I have caused and I hope you can forgive me. "

I then felt a hand on my shoulder and thought it was my family, I wiped my tears and turned to see not my family but a scientist, I froze in place when I saw the TGtech logo on his coat, he then thrusted a blade straight through my chest.

as I slowly fell to the ground he walked away and I started to black out.

I awoke on a field and I looked around but it was just an endless field, no tree's no building... no people except me, I looked down at my chest and saw a black chain sticking out of it and I said "my only regret is that I never said sorry to Natsuru..." I then got to my feet and just stood there as memories of my life flashed by in the sky.
hey guys so this is the last chapter in luke's TG I hope you all enjoyed the ride and I am truely sorry for the shit finale it is just that I lost all forms of motivation for this stroy and I didnt want it to just go stale without an ending.
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Hopefully that tgtech guy gets run over by a truck............repeatdly
LittleMissTG Mar 7, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Dont worry he got high fived in the face, with a frying pan, by the incredible hulk
Wow the ending just wow. Felt like geting stabbed when I read that man. Can't say I did not see that one coming just I thought we would know if the cat thing would wear off...
Aw he.............she...........crap is dead and tgteck still lives that ducks :(

Meant sucks. Stupid autocorect >:(

LittleMissTG May 16, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
im guessing your speachless haha
No, I was just hoping for you to contuine this seires
LittleMissTG May 16, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Sadly i went as far as i could with the series i will be able to get more from new family
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