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October 7, 2011
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The Contract

Please note that all of this is true until it reaches 2013 that we will soon see!

February 4th 2003 8:15am the day I died

I was walking to school; it was a cold and icy day just like every other day in the UK but today would change my life forever.

As I was standing at the crossing just yards from my school I saw to boys about 2 years older than me jump over the railings and sprint full pelt to the school, "tsk, idiots" I mumbled to myself. As I walked across the road a ford mondeo come speeding at around 50 miles per hour and hit me head on at this point I was knocked out and what I am guessing, dead.

From what I remember from the dream was that there I was just standing in the middle of a giant white room, no windows, no doors, nothing apart from a small old looking desk and two people. One standing in white robes head to toe and the other in black.

As I went up to the desk the man in white stood up and said "well… haven't you got good timing Luke we have an offer for you." The man in black then reached in to his robe and pulled out a piece of paper, from the looks of which was a contract of some sorts but was written in Latin. "I cannot read this can one of you please translate it to English please?" I said in a scared and confused manner. The man in white then picked up the contract and muttered to himself "and he is supposed to be catholic" and as he cleared his throat he removed his hood to reveal an old man with long white hair and a long grey beard. "This contract states that the person who signs this will have a second go at life but in a different gender, if he or she is under the human age of 18 they must wait for 10 years after the incident for this contract to take effect, if he or she dies before the 10 years is up then the contract will become void and they will forever be stuck in the abyss, if he or she refuses to sign the contract the same effect will apply.

The man then laid the contract back on the table and said "so Luke do we have a deal or not?" the man in black then reached in to his sleeve again pulling out a pen which was golden but had a black shine to it. I looked at the two men and then looked at the contract; I picked up the pen and signed it with a fancy X which at the time was just my pathetic excuse of a signature.

Just after I signed the signature the man in black stood up and materialised a scythe at this point I said in shock "you're the grim reap-" I was cut off by a sharp electric shock, the first words I heard where "we have a pulse! Luke are you ok?" said the paramedic. I took a sigh of relief thinking it was just a dream and said "never better"

When they got me to the hospital I went straight to surgery and the true damage became apparent, the majority of my left side was destroyed apart from my hip and leg. After many hours of putting me back together I got some time to think about that dream, was it real? Did it really happen? Will what they say happen in 10 years?! All these things had me confused so I tried to forget it all and get some rest.

February 3rd 2013 11:50pm

I was laying on my bed looking at the strange mark on my hand that had more or less appeared after the crash from a distance it looked like a freckle but on closer inspection it looked exactly like my old signature at this point I didn't know what to make of it when suddenly I got a text, I looked on the phone and it was from my girlfriend telling me to open my bedroom window at midnight exactly she had a surprise for me.

Looking at the text in a confused manner I done what it said thinking nothing of it and waited almost 10 minutes when suddenly out of nowhere the man in black robes grabbed me with his bone like hands "TIMES UP LUKE!" he said in a voice that would quake fear in to chuck Norris himself and with his scythe he stabbed it in to the thin air and opened up a portal and flung me in.

After what seemed like an eternity I landed back in the white room where the man in white was standing with a strange cane by what appeared to be a blank plastic model.

"Well well well, hello again Luke long time no see, do you remember me?" said the man in white trying to be a smart arse. I got to my feet and said to him "yep I remember you, don't you owe me $50?" the man laughed and walked up to me putting his arm around my shoulder he said "lets walk Luke, if you remember 10 years ago we gave you a second chance, only thing is… you where only 10 at the time so we couldn't do it there and then because your earth laws apply in here as well sadly." I looked up to him and said "so I am guessing you want to make me female now am I right?" the man then took his hand off me and kneeled down to the blank model and started to craft the body to look like a female version of me, "that is correct Luke, I normally don't like doing these things but sometimes they have to be done because I expect great things from you, and not in a religious sense either." Said the man as he almost like magic crafted long dark brown hair and added the major features to make it female. "err I think they should be a little bit bigger" I said pointing at the breasts the man looked back at me and said "sure thing Luke its your body" he then waved his hands and female versions of my clothes where added to the body, "now then its time for you to go in to the body." Said the man walking up to me while cracking his knuckles.

I then said to him "can I please just get a second to gather what is going on?" he then walked behind me and said sure. One second later I felt the cane poke me very hard in the back and I stumbled in to the body. A few seconds later I open my eyes to see me old body lying on the floor lifeless. The man walked up and said "are you ok Louise?" I thought to myself Louise who on earth is that? And then everything came flooding in my old memories starting mixing with these new ones and I realised that Louise was my name and responded "yes I'm fine next time give me a seconds notice though please." The man laughed and said "you asked for a second and I gave you one second and then got to work."

I started to feel around my new body. It felt weird but still felt natural almost like I have been this way all my life. "what are you going to do with my old body?" I asked the man "I will take care of this my lord" said the Grim reaper materialising from nowhere I turned to see him walking up with his scythe and heard him mutter "Deus mortem ardeat" and suddenly my old body was burnt to ashes and blown away as was my old life. I then turned to the man in white and said to him "may I leave now please I am kind of tired." He then got to his feet and said "sure thing I may need you for some things in the future would you be willing to partake?" I looked at the grim reaper and then at him and said sure "thing it would be my pleasure". Then the grim reaper stabbed his scythe in to the floor and opened another portal he then grabbed me and dropped me in the portal.

After another long while in the portals stream I landed back in my room straight on my bed I then got to my and said to grim "you know you could just ask me nicely grim" he turned around and said "that is not in my job description so get off my fucking back!" he then opened another portal and walked straight in and now I was alone.

I looked around my room to see that it was the same room but had a few little changes to it, for starters it wasn't littered with crap and everything was neat and tidy which was good and all my clothes were now feminine which saved me the trouble of getting a new wardrobe. I turned around to see my clock which said 2.37am. "crap better go to bed I have college tomorrow… I sure hope Rosie remembers me."
Hey guys this is the contract. A story based off what happened to me back in 2003 (hehe it rhymes) the first part of the story is 100% true the rest is what my imagination thinks will happen

I would like to thank tony taka for letting me use this and future images in my stories

also I would like to mention :icon3oct1111: who is one hell off a good writor you guys should see his work its is one in a million stuff
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SenpaiWilson Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
I might write like you because Im tired of doing a manga book. Now Grim, this dude is a creep
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aww thank you soo much that means alot :)
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I don't know why but when you said God of death I imagined Dr facilier saying it lol
geno1312 Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2014
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LittleMissTG Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
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Hmm, this is actually pretty good.

I was honestly thinking of doing a similar story inspired by something
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