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As I stood there in confusion I asked "what is this move and how will I be immortalised?" God then let go of my left arm and said, "the move is called forma piorum it was designed by me when time began I made it because I knew that all living things have souls that needed to be guided to the next life, so I would need help collecting these souls so I created and hired reapers now I made forma piorum so that if a reaper tried to challenge me they would be incinerated by this move in an instant." I stood there in shock that there would be such a move and said "but God I don't think I would be anywhere near powerful enough to go in to that stage." God then smiled and said "of course you are and the method is simple but deadly, if not done correctly you will be destroyed by the outburst of power, are you sure you want to go through with this?" I stared at Masami's body which was possessed by the greater demon and nodded my head, God then grabbed hold of my bracelet and said "this will hurt a lot but think of why your doing this" I braced myself and thought of Masami and how I will save her, and protect Rosie with my life, the pain grew immensely and a black light started emitting from the bracelet as it changed shape after a few seconds everything calmed down and God let go of the bracelet as he let go I felt a surge of power flowing through my arm and in to my body. I now noticed that the greater demon was getting up so I stood there, took a deep breath and shouted, "Forma Piorum!" as I went in to my next form I noticed the hand I wield my sword was covered in the sleeve of a suit of armour and my clothes had changed in to a red blouse, I turned to God and said "thank you for this chance God, I will get rid of this Demon and save Masami.

I turned to Masami who had recovered from being knocked out and ran straight in and punched her clean in to the wall, the sheer power from the punch was immense, that immense that it left a shockwave break in the wall, I then created a bunch of soul chains and binded her to the wall, I then reached inside her body with my right hand and pulled out the demon from within and flung it across the room, "you made a big mistake demon!" I shouted as I turned to face a creature standing at 8ft high, the demon wasted no time and attacked straight away, it was strange in my other forms his attacks would of killed me on the spot but now they felt like nothing, I could block each one and fight back as if I was getting swatted by a foam baseball bat.

After many minutes of blocking and counterattacking I noticed Masami was waking up I turned and shouted to her "glad to see your finally waking up dear." Masami broke the binding and said back "thanks for getting that thing out of me, I couldn't control it!" I laughed and said "so do you want me to kill it?" Masami cracked her knuckles and said "could you please? It will just be a pain if left to live!" I then stood in a stance that felt natural and formed a black katana out of energy that resides inside the bracelet, as the blade formed the demon opened its handed and shouted "cero!" in and instant a beam of red energy came from it's hand and flew towards me, I knew my only option was to destroy it so I swung my blade directly into the beam, causing a huge explosion, with that I ran straight towards the demon and lunged the blade into his chest, as it entered him he started to erode away until there was nothing left of the demons existence.

I took a sigh of relief and heard the distant moans of pain again, I turned to Masami and asked who it was, in shock she grabbed my and ran to the source of the moaning to reveal Renn on the boarder of alive and dead. In horror I turn away and Masami released him "I am so sorry Renn I was possessed when I did all this could you ever forgive me?" Renn just looked at Masami in disgust and said "fuck you." He then looked at me and said "Louise please make a portal to the ferryman I want to apologise to him, I did so and followed him to the white room and left him to talk to the ferryman, I then went and saw how Rosie was getting on to my horror she was an inch from death and couldn't use her sword, I decided to jump in and help her, I soon realised the only true way to help her was to give her a big power boost and teach her to learn tertius gradus after training, so I made her grab my bracelet and sacrificed forma piorum to heal her completely, one she was healed I heard a distant clapping, I looked over my shoulder to see God and the ferryman aswell as Jackie, all applauding me for giving up my most powerful form to save my girlfriends life.

As the training drew to a close I went over to the others and God said "I am really pleased you done that, you gave up your most powerful ability to save Rosie, for that I will be knocking 2000 souls off your debt and giving you this, he then handed me a cheque with $50,000 written on it the sheer amount I saw blew me off my feet, I thanked God and turned to Rosie who had mastered her anger stage to perfection and smiled, "would you be up to taking on a demon at some point Rosie? I said in hope she would say yes. Rosie then withdrew her powers and said…
hi guys this one has been on the table for a while now just havent had the time (work and being lazy) to upload this, but hey its up now and i hope Yall like it so get reading, faving and please give me your views I always enjoy reading them
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potsticker13 Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2012
What will Rosie say?
LittleMissTG Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
hehe spoilers...
CPUIceHeart Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2012  Hobbyist Filmographer
i'm so glad you've decided to start up the series again and oh boy was it a good way to restart it
LittleMissTG Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
thanks I will try and get a few more stories up soon
CPUIceHeart Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2012  Hobbyist Filmographer
sure np
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